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Electric Heating with Preferred Electric

Preferred Electric's experienced electricians are able to do most maintenance and repairs of electric heating systems, in fact we specialize in repairs to older existing systems that have hard to find parts. If your furnace just isn't keeping you warm any more, reach out to us today.

What Are the Benefits of Electric Heating?

Electric heating has countless benefits, but here are just a few:

  • It's long lasting. When properly maintained, an electric heating system has a much longer lifespan than other heating systems.
  • It's highly accurate. With electric heating, the temperature can be controlled to the most precise degree, ensuring your complete comfort at all times.
  • It's zone adjustable. With other forms of heating, if you want to add on to your system it involves costly installation and disruption to your routine. With electric zone heating, adding on to your system is as simple as purchasing more heaters, so it's perfect if you see yourself adding onto your heating system in the future.
  • It's low-risk. Electric heating doesn't rely on flammable fossil fuels, making it a much safer option than things like oil-based heaters.
  • Seamless generator switch over. If you have a back-up generator, electric heat will seamlessly convert over when the power goes out. Unlike pellet stoves, that will fill your house with smoke as you get your generator started, electric heat will simply pick up where it left off with no trouble at all.

Electric Heating Solutions

Whether you're a home or business owner, you need a reliable way to heat your property, and an electric heating system could be right for you.

Systems include:

Electric Furnace - Ducted forced air system that is often combined with heat pumps

Zone Heating - This can be done with a number of products; baseboard heaters, Cadet heaters, cove heating, or convection heating. Zone heating is the most cost effective form of electric heating since you can choose to heat only the areas you are actually using.