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LED Lighting Retrofits

What Are They And Why Would It Benefit You?

You have probably heard people talking about LED retrofitting their facility or property. Not sure what its all about it? You came to the right place. Here’s the basics on this modern lighting trend.

What Is An LED Lighting Retrofit?

Retrofitting means to install newly developed parts or devices into a fixture (in this case LED technology), that was not available when the fixture was made. The phrase “retrofit” is very is similar to “conversion”, when we talk about retrofitting a fixture to an LED we are converting that fixture from the older technology to the newer LED technology.

Why LED Lighting?

LED lights are the new standard. With LED technology consuming less energy, producing less heat, being more reliable in extreme cold and producing a better quality of light; it has quickly assumed the role of superior lighting. And with the costs coming down everyday, this technology has become affordable for everyone.

Why Retrofit And Not Just Replace?

Replacing light fixtures with newer, more modern looking styles can often be an excellent option, but is not always necessary. Many times the original fixture is in good condition and the style is either acceptable or unimportant, like in the case of garage lights or troffer fixtures in suspended ceilings. In cases like this, the cost to retrofit a fixture is often much less than the cost to replace it.

What Are The Benefits Of An LED Retrofit?

Energy Efficiency– LED’s can be ten times more efficient than a standard incandescent bulb and twice as efficient as some fluorescent bulbs. Reduction in Maintenance Costs– The average LED will last between 20,000 and 50,000 hours before needing to be changed, some LED’s on the market claim to last even longer. So depending on how many hours a day you run your lights you can see those LED’s last between 15 and 50 years before you will ever have to do any maintenance.

Improved Quality of Light– With as little power as these LED’s use you’d think they couldn’t be very bright, but the opposite is actually the case. LED’s can often be twice as bright as your previous lighting and with LED’s coming in a variety of color options now (from warm to pure white to cool) you can choose the ones that are right for your space. There are also Utility Rebates available in some areas that can reduce the cost of retrofitting your fixtures.

What Are The Main Considerations During An LED Retrofit?

LEDs do function a bit differently than most traditional lighting, these differences do need to be considered when choosing to retrofit. A few things to think about before retrofitting your fixtures with LEDs:

Fixtures and bulbs (or luminaries) are two different things. By keeping your present fixtures you can often reduce the time it takes to bring LED technology into your home or facility, however, not all fixtures are compatible with LED bulbs. In addition to compatibility, you need to consider the condition of your current fixture and whether or not its location is suitable for your current needs. Dimming switches that controlled older lighting is generally not compatible with LED’s. LED’s are very sensitive to power fluctuations and you will need to install LED dimmers (if you wish to have dimming capabilities) to go along with the LED bulbs (must use dimmable LED’s, not all LED’s can be dimmed).

How bright do you want your space? Is the current brightness perfect, or would you want it brighter? Desired

brightness is a very personal choice, only you know how bright you like your space. Taking a good look at what your lighting situation currently is can help us achieve the end result you desire from LED’s.