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Well and Septic controls and motors need repair and maintenance from time to time.  Preferred Electric can do the majority of repairs needed on an existing system and often for less than a well or septic specialist.  Specialty companies will often try to sell you a whole new system rather than repair the existing, in part because they are not adequately equipped or trained to diagnose electrical problems in an existing system.  Before you opt for a costly "upgrade", we can look at your system and tell you if it repairable.

Preferred Electric services include:

  • Maintenance, repair and/or replacement of septic pumps
  • Trouble-shooting for well and water systems
  • Pressure switch and control replacement
  • Water and septic alarms repair and maintenance
  • Float and conductivity probe replacement
  • Septic control switches repair and replacement

Emergency Priorities

A loss of water is something we consider a priority service call.  We do our very best to do same day or next day service calls for customers that have lost water.  Parts may not be available the same day but we work with a number of vendors who can often have parts to us the next day.  Do not wait to call us if you loose water, some times temporary repairs can be made while parts are on order.

Water Pressure

Have you ever had your shower reduced to a trickle because someone started the washing machine or turned on the dishwasher? This nuisance happens because your private water well system or utility pipeline doesn’t have enough water pressure.


  • Water flows out of taps because of pressure in the water system. For most well systems it is a well pump that provides the pressure that makes the water flow.
  • Different pumps have different flow capacities, as the overall rate of flow is directly related to the pump capacity. If your household has a 10-gallon per minute demand, there will be trickling water if the pump will only supply five gallons per minute.
  • A pressure tank in a water system is designed to have extra gallons of water on reserve so small demands don’t require the pump to switch on. However, the tank cannot compensate for flow greater than the pump capacity.

Septic Tank Maintenance Tip

When sludge gets too thick in a septic tank, incoming wastewater can back up onto your property resulting in health hazards. All of the water a household sends down its pipes winds up in its septic system. The more water a household conserves, the less water enters the septic system. Efficient water use improves the operation of a septic system and reduces the risk of failure. Treating your septic tank regularly with septic-safe cleaners and detergents is crucial to its proper functioning and helps to avoid major and costly repairs